Into the Titan

Download Full Game (.blend, Win, Linux*, Mac*)


The crew of the Golden Arm ride again in an encounter with a mysterious planet-destroying derelict called the Titan. Once inside, you discover teleporters linked to four different planets–could they hold the key to shutting down the Titan once and for all?

Into the Titan is a freeware PC adventure/puzzle game rendered in realtime 3D. It was created using mostly open-source tools with the Blender Game Engine as a base. Note that this game was created in 2007 and is not compatible with newer versions of Blender. To ensure correct performance, download the Windows executable or an appropriate Blender version. The Linux and Mac executables are offered “as-is” with no guarantee of functionality. The current version is 1.1.0, and is unlikely to be updated again.

The game spans seven different locations, with large scenes to explore and numerous puzzles to solve in a similar fashion to the popular Myst series.

The game is controlled using the mouse, or keyboard if preferred.

You might also be interested in this article about some aspects of the game’s design.


Easter Eggs

There are two Easter Eggs in the game.

  • My god, it’s full of stars! To see monoliths in the asteroid-game opening, depress the H, A, and L keys simultaneously. Watch out, you’ve just added even more debris to avoid.
  • Art show Two young Zark fans drew a bunch of nice pictures for me. To view some of their handiwork, go to the Asteroid Hotel art gallery and depress D, B, and T simultaneously (their initials). The artwork will appear briefly on the wall to the right of the door.


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